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DSLR tutorials

"They all laughed at me and my chunky SLR camera ... until they saw my breathtaking photographs"

The Complete Digital SLR Guide - The Ultimate Guide For Digital Photographers

"If you own a digital SLR, or maybe you're thinking of buying one, The Complete Digital SLR Guide will show you how to get the most out of it - so you can take great photos every time."

Looking for a Digital SLR Guide? Discover the perfect companion to your digital camera.

Darrell Payne - author of The Complete Digital SLR Guide - The Ultimate Guide For Digital PhotographersHi, I'm Darrell Payne.

Let me start by saying that digital photography is wonderful - endless opportunities to take perfect pictures.

It's been my passion for over twenty years.

And yet I meet frustrated photographers every day. They have the equipment they need, but lack the knowledge to put that equipment to good use.

With digital SLRs it's easy to take amazing photos - all you need are a few simple skills to enable you to use your camera with ease.

Maybe this sounds familiar . . . you love photography. You want to take great pictures but you feel your photos are a little average.

So you buy a bigger and more expensive camera - a digital SLR perhaps. If the professionals use them they must be good, right?

Yes! Certainly you're on the right lines. And with my digital SLR guide at your side, packed with over two decades of photographic experience, that new camera will feel like an extension of your own body.

I'll show you how to take sensational pictures every time you press the shutter - "The Complete Digital SLR Guide" contains everything you need.

The Complete Digital SLR Guide: Step One
how to understand your camera so that you can concentrate on getting the perfect photo

The Complete Digital SLR Guide - The Ultimate Guide For Digital Photographers example photoIt helps to know what your camera is doing (even what it's thinking!) when it takes a photo.

With this knowledge you can make your camera work for you.

It's designed as a precision piece of engineering. A refined electronic gadget that can capture perfect images.

My complete digital SLR guide gives you the essential knowledge to put those electronics to good use so that you can be taking better photos in no time at all.

Learn the terminology so that you understand what's going on...

With knowledge there's power. That's why my ebook contains a comprehensive section on digital photography terminology.

I want you to be familiar with digital photography terminology so that you'll be able to talk from a position of authority on photography forums, at photo clubs, or even just with friends.

Plus, of course, it helps you to fully understand your digital SLR - and that means you'll be taking stunning pictures that will make your friends and family gasp in amazement!

The Complete Digital SLR guide: Step Two
showing you how to master the photography basics so that you can take photos to be proud of

The Complete Digital SLR Guide - The Ultimate Guide For Digital Photographers example photoWith your new knowledge of how your camera works The Complete Digital SLR Guide takes you through the photography basics that virtually guarantee stunning photos every time.

My digital SLR guide shows you how to adjust the settings on your camera so that your pictures will look more professional.

Here's just one example - a clear and thorough explanation of what depth of field is and why it's important in your photography.

I'll show you how to take control of the depth of field which will improve your photographic skills immensely.

You'll soon have the knowledge to take photos that have a wonderful, professional, look and feel.

And there's more . . . 
The Complete Digital SLR Guide - The Ultimate Guide For Digital Photographers sample pages
I'm including a second guide to photography for you - absolutely FREE!

12 Sure-Fire Ways To Better Photos . . .

This second guide will show you how to build on the skills you have learnt from the Digital SLR Guide. I'll show you exactly how to take photos that you'll be framing for the wall.
The Complete Digital SLR Guide - BONUS! 12 Sure Fire Ways To Better PhotosThere's so much to discover in this second book:
  • What is the rule of odd numbers and how will it help your composition?
  • Solving the mystery of photographing children.
  • Why is taking control of the shutter speed essential for creative photography?
  • Turn lemons into lemonade! - how can you rescue a failed image?
  • How is it possible to take great photos of pets?
And a lot more besides! "12 Sure-Fire Ways To Better Photos" uses example photos so that you can clearly and easily identify better photography techniques.

By learning from the other photographers in this book you learn how to take better photos and improve your photography skills much faster.

The Complete Digital SLR guide: Step Three
discover the essential image editing skills that will make your photos really shine

Actually taking the photos is the first step to great photography.

Once you've captured the image, and using the skills you have learnt the composition will already be excellent, a bit of what the professionals call 'post-processing' will really make your photos ones to stand out from the crowd.

How are people using free image editing software?

The Complete Digital SLR Guide - BONUS! Free Image Editing Software And How To Use ItWith that in mind I've included in this spectacular offer a third book - the "Image Editing Software Guide".
It's very easy to follow with lots of screenshots, and the techniques can be learnt by anyone.

This book equips every photographer with the vital skills to effectively tweak their photos. Easy techniques that improve the look of virtually any photo you take.

And with the knowledge of these simple techniques you'll be improving your photos in less than 60 seconds - which saves you time!

You'll learn:
  • where to get your hands on 6 free image editing programs - including top-notch software that is more than a match for Photoshop
  • A review of the programs so that you can choose the software that's best for you - which means that you save time trialling them all yourself
  • A walk through of the image editing photography basics - it's easy to master these and you'll be improving your photos within 60 seconds
  • How to airbrush a photo to enhance your images

The Complete Digital SLR Guide: Extra Free Bonuses
How can your camera generate an extra income?

You already know that The Complete Digital SLR Guide is the perfect partner for keen photographers. It's beautifully written and everything is explained in clear simple terms so that you can concentrate on taking photos and save time deciphering jargon.

Knowledge of your digital SLR helps, and so does knowledge of composition. That's why I've included "12 Sure-Fire Ways To Better Photos" in the package.

And with the "Image Editing Software Guide" you will know how to perk up your photos once they've left your camera.

In this package you have everything you need - from the first click of the shutter to the finished print:
  • How to use your camera, including advice on the extra kit that really makes a difference to your photography, from "The Complete Digital SLR Guide"
  • With your camera in your hand you have the knowledge from "12 Sure-Fire Ways To Better Photos" to make sure the photos you take are photographic masterpieces.
  • Once you've taken the photos you will know how to bring them to life with the "Image Editing Software Guide"
So you have everything you need to take photos that are real stunners. Photos that will amaze your friends and family.

Another bonus. "Could this turn your camera into an extra income?"

I've teamed up with a great photographer who knows all about the photography business - Dan Fieldman.
The Complete Digital SLR Guide - BONUS! How To Turn Your Photos Into CashDan's written plenty of books on how to start a successful photography business.

I'm adding to your package Dan's three part eBook "Turn Photos Into Cash"

You get Dan's years of expertise. Tips, tricks and advice for the budding photographer including:
  • The secrets to making money with your digital photos
  • How you can sell your photos (and discover which photos sell best)
  • 10 Awesome online business ideas to earn money by selling digital photos
All adds up to quite a package!

The Complete Digital SLR Guide: Final Step
invest in The Complete Digital SLR Guide

The Complete Digital SLR Guide - The Ultimate Guide For Digital Photographers more sample pages

Invest now in The Complete Digital SLR Guide and you get the best value package for digital photographers. 

Included in the complete package is:
  • The Complete Digital SLR Guide
  • 12 Sure-Fire Ways To Better Photos
  • Photo Editing Software Guide
  • AND how you can Turn Photos Into Cash - triple guide

"This is the most economical way to learn how to properly use your digital SLR and create sensational photos every time"

On some websites you'll see gimmicks such as "only 18 copies left!" or another classic is "just 9 minutes left to grab this offer". And one I saw the other day "50% off, today only!"

The Complete Digital SLR Guide - guaranteeYou just know that if you come back tomorrow the offer will still be there.

So I'm going to be straight with you - I'm not going to make any fake offers. Just one very big genuine promise of a full no questions asked money back guarantee.

Guaranteed to improve your photography and give you plenty of ideas for new photos to take.

Guaranteed is a bold claim, and true. Examine it, try it. Use it for a full 60 days without risk. You are entitled to a full refund up to 60 days after purchasing.

The Complete Digital SLR Guide - BONUS! gift bagThis is without doubt the most complete digital SLR guide.

Showing you how to use your digital SLR to take sensational photos that 'wow!' people every time.

And remember that it's completely risk free - you have a full 60 days guarantee.

The Digital SLR Guide shows you how to use your camera properly which makes a huge difference to your enjoyment of photography.

It's a wonderful feeling to know that when you press the shutter you've taken yet another fabulous photo.

And it's so easy to access The Digital SLR Guide, and ALL the bonuses.

For just $14 you can download the ebook right now, together with all the bonuses, and get the most complete Digital SLR Guide there is.

Remember that as well as the guide you also get:
  • "12 Sure-Fire Ways To Better Photos"
  • and the "Image Editing Software Guide"
  • AND the three part guide "Turn Photos Into Cash"

Plus it's all covered by the 60 day money back guarantee.

"At just $39 [price reduction - now only $14] this is the best investment you, the photographer, can make; because once you learn the skills in the eBook package you'll be equipped to take stunning photos for the rest of your life"

The Complete Digital SLR Guide - The Ultimate Guide For Digital Photographers

All the guides and bonuses in this package are "pdf" files which means you can view them on any computer, tablet and most smartphones. Once your payment has been made you'll be able to instantly download the entire package. You could be reading The Digital SLR Guide within minutes. 


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