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Digital photography Success

Turn Your Disappointing, Dull and Blurry Photos Into Striking Masterpieces By Following Simple, Proven Steps In Plain, Easy-To-Understand English…


Breathtaking, Brilliant And Incredibly Stunning Photos

Every Single Time You Press The

Shutter Button ...


...Even If You Know Nothing About Photography And You’ve Never Used A Digital Camera Before 

Brace yourself, because this is about to change your photographic life, forever.
This is going to be the ride of your life!

I’d accidently discovered the well kept hidden secrets that these professionals worked very hard to keep from me. From that moment on I was on fire.
My “People” photos went from...

This ... To This...
“Dancing” Photo taken in 2002   “Ingrid James” Photo taken in 2009
And my black and whites...

This ... To This...
“Blue Mountains- Sydney” Photo taken in 2001 “Jazz Musician” Photo taken in 2009
My wildlife shots...
This ... To This...
“Little Miss Brown” Photo taken in 2001 Mumma Possum” Photo taken in 2008
My colour landscapes...
This ... To This...
Stevensons Falls” Photo taken in 2001  “Sunset At Noosa” Photo taken in 2009

I became a professional photographer very quickly. Knowing what photo enthusiasts went through, every single day, I decided to help them (as I once needed help).  I wrote down every single little thing I knew. That’s when my photography ebook was born.

In my photography ebook "Digital Photography Success", I poured everything I’d ever learnt about getting stunning images. This ebook is specifically designed to help photography enthusiasts get on the “express train” and fast track their way from disappointing photos to stunning images.

But, before I give you access to this powerful eBook, I am going to reveal a well kept secret that the professional photographers refused to tell me and what most people miss out on...and it will be your first and most powerful secret weapon to obliterating dull and lifeless photos forever.

Please listen and take notice of this, I’m only saying it once…

Light is the main thing you truly need to care about.

You see my friend, every lens, camera, filter, tripod (and everything else you spend a fortune on), all work to give you much sharper, clearer and vibrant photos with more balanced light. Being the photographer you’ve always imagined does not heavily depend on getting the “best equipment”. No! It profoundly depends on your ability to work with light.

So if it’s that simple, then why doesn’t everyone shoot stunning masterpieces?

Here’s why:

As a photography enthusiast, you are often lead to believe that a bigger, better camera, with more megapixels, more expensive gear, photo editing programs, and all the other bells and whistles, is “the thing” that gives you the great shots.

In actual fact, at this stage in the game, this is not going to help you. It will only confuse you. You have to become highly skilled at working with light. You see, once you know how light behaves, moves and responds (and how to work the camera in response to light), your photos will become clearer, sharper and more beautiful than ever before. Then, and only then, can the “gear” assist you to create beautiful shots.

This is so important, yet everyone misses it.

Good lighting equals a good photo. Poor lighting equals a poor photo.
But it’s not always as simple as it sounds. Knowing how to work with light takes the right kind of knowledge.
Once you master the art of lighting (and I’ll show you how to do this quickly), everything else follows. It honestly does. When photos are awful it’s usually because the light is unbalanced, uneven, too overexposed or too underexposed.

Just how do you master light?

Learn how to master light from me. I'll teach you. Right here waiting for you is the secret to knowing exactly how to work with and master light. There are even more ways to master light than you ever imagined and it’s created especially for you so that you can now create stunning and breathtaking photos for the rest of your life. And with this powerful information, you will not only master light but master the camera, and all elements of creating stunning and awesome images.

And, it’s now easier than you think!

This very special opportunity will give you the shortcut to becoming the photographer you have always dreamed of.

Here’s what’s in "Digital Photography Success". Just for you:
I've packed a hundreds of pages of exquisitely powerful information into an easy to understand information. I've packed lots of photos that I've used as proper examples or what to do and what not to do.

This photography eBook was created for the sole purpose to help you to work with any situation you come across so you will know exactly what to do every single time, to get that perfect photo. You’ll also discover the laser precise ways to getting clearer and sharper photos through mastering the technical aspects of digital photography.  

"Digital Photography Success" will propel you faster than you ever thought possible. The powerful combination of the eBooks will be your secret weapon!
I’ve poured all the information into an easily downloadable eBook so that you can have access to them in an instant so that your discovery of these techniques can begin NOW!

You gain instant access through the back door into the inner circle of powerful photography techniques and lighting mastery
The eBook is immediately downloadable in PDF format from this website, right now - you can read them on any PC or  MAC computer, laptop, anywhere on this planet
You can download it any time at all – they’re available 24 hours a day, no wait times, no tickets or mail delivery tracking numbers to monitor
There is no complex photography jargon- everything is explained in clear, plain English that a child could understand it
This is a “one stop shop”- you’ll never have to go anywhere else, ever.
We don’t hire an outside company to issue you “support tickets” that puts wall up between you and me when you need help - You get the help and support you need by real people who know photography directly from us personally
You’ll see real life photo examples in the book, that I have personally taken, along with simple instructions to follow– you can exactly copy the ways I’ve done it, and go out and shoot exact the same thing yourself the very minute you’ve read it
And when you become a customer of ours, you will be offered many other tips, helps, support and guidance - You’ll have complete insider access to our packages and other professional packages and bonus eBooks that aren’t available to the general public
Want to take a sneak peak inside?
Here’s what you will discover:
"Digital Photography Success"
Why stunning photography vastly depends on where and how you compose your shots and position your camera (A unique secret way to turning your once bland and dreary shots into stunning images you can frame and enter into competitions)

Very simple element to look for during the day that will vastly improve your photos (perfect when you want to tone down bright, over exposed spots in your photos that have previously ruined your entire photo)
How to create spectacular placement of your subjects in your photos like the masters of photography (knowing this one little secret will blow your mind and you will wonder why you never saw it before!)

How to eliminate overly bright and overly dark areas on all your photographs from now on (you will never get stuck with fuzzy images, blurry lines or indistinguishable objects ever again)
Don’t know what A,S,P,M means and why you even need them? Discover the in-depth meaning to these crucial camera settings (and how they can save you in all awkward and difficult situations)
You’ll quickly discover how to use your aperture and shutter speed together to create sharp, fast high action sports shots (whilst maintaining sharp, crystal clear focus, every time!)

Learn how you can get loads more light on your scene without changing your shutter or aperture, (all with the press of one small button at the back of your camera.)
Learn the secrets to knowing exactly how to use the camera in full manual control (it’s so easy and with these simple methods you will never want to use anything else again)

How to increase the quality, sharpness and depth in your photos using one simple rule (your landscapes will look big and majestic, and your close up shots will be super sharp, every single time)

Instantly know exactly what settings to use for a photo, every time you look at your scene (even without taking your camera out yet, you’ll know what settings to use just by looking)
How to keep off-centred subjects, in perfectly clear, sharp focus, regardless of what camera you own (even when you shoot in auto and have the most basic, cheap, little camera you bought second hand off eBay)

How to create soft, gentle and romantic portraits of weddings and family members at home simply by using this one powerful secret (that won’t cost a thing and where you can create studio lighting conditions)

How to turn the most painfully shy person who hates being photographed, into a handful of fun loving moments (so much so that they totally open up with you and relax with the camera)

Skip years and years of frustration of poorly lit photos with this nifty little flash technique you can do with the flash (in less than 10 seconds, you’ll know how to get softer, classy looking portraits and it won’t cost you a cent)
Discover what the key secret is to shooting flowers up close with stunning colour and detail (now you will be able to create a strong 3D impression, making the petals leap off the screen with energy and enthusiasm)

Learn the insider secret weapon every photography enthusiast must know for shooting moving subjects indoors (if you want to shoot fast action shots in doors and don’t have extra lighting then read this important part, you’ll never be stuck with blurry, fuzzy or dark images inside again)
Discover how to get crystal clear sharpness in every close up shot you do (you’ll quickly shoot sharp close ups with the laser precision of a Swiss watch)

Know this insiders secret weapon to create picture postcard beach, with daytime sunny skies that have a real life looking deep blue (this one little tip is under $20 and will make your colours leap out in 3 dimensional likeness off the screen)

How to master the flash as easily and comfortably, like it was an extension of your own body (say goodbye to overexposed flash photography and say hello to soft, warm and rich skin tones by using this powerful method with the flash)
Did you know there are only two types of lens in existence? (You’ll find out why knowing how to use them will eliminate blur, increase sharpness, and get the shots that other photo enthusiasts struggle to capture)
Learn why a long shutter speed and small aperture is the secret key to shooting sharp, colourful city shots at night (no more blur, no more fuzzy buildings, your pin points of light will be clear and laser sharp)

And, you don’t need to know anything about photography to create stunning, super sharp images, you can learn these life changing methods right now, in the comfort of the chair you are sitting in now

With this amazing photography package you can turn your photos from where they are now, to being good enough to exhibit and sell, literally overnight.

You see, there is a myth that it takes years and years to be any good at photography. Well I’m here to tell you that’s a damn lie and one you can live without. It’s not the length of time that gives you breathtaking and stunning shots, it’s the quality of information.

"Digital Photography Success" will give you this quality, life changing information to completely break away from amateur level and catapult you to semi pro level.  

And it just gets better and better. You will discover new ways to shoot that you never realised before.

"Digital Photography Success" is a complete breakthrough for any beginner photography enthusiast.

I’m here to help you get a great end result. I will teach and guide you and nurture your new found photography skills.

So can the photography package really show you how to transform your photos, literally overnight? You bet it can! Just read what our photography enthusiasts say about the package:
"Now confidently shooting in “manual” mode in under a week."
Your material is wonderful....I can't believe how much I've learned and I'm not even absorbing all of it the first time through.

I've attached one of the pictures I took of a Mission Church that shows the 'leaning backward' effect. I took this with a Canon T1i (500D) with a 18-200 mm lens at 24mm, 1/250, F11, ISO 100 (aren't you impressed? a week ago, I didn't even know what those numbers meant).

Hanna Dubuc
I have already taken a few shots that make me feel very proud and that my friends are totally amazed!”

Well, I have not been able to read much of the course because I work a lot and I am taking it easy to really dig each part.

But I have to tell you that with very little I have been able to accomplish very much!!!!

I have already taken a few shots that make me feel very proud and that my friends are totally amazed. Its funny how simple things make such a big difference!!

So much so that my wife after seeing the result, its totally into photography, made me buy her a new camara and is doing the course with me.

I can now think of ways of taking the shot to transmit what I want and when I take a shot that is not right I have an idea of what went wrong and fix it.

Stay tune as I will let you know much more on the course and some suggestions I noticed.
Sincerely, Guillermo Pinto

“You make it (purchasing your e-book) so worthwhile!”
Amy, you're amazing! I wish I could just go to Australia and attend your classes! Your patience, your compassion, your desire to help is just so astounding! Thank you so much!
Amy, you never cease to astonish me! You are so kind! Thank you very much. I'm gaining a little more understanding every time I get a response from you. Thank you for your willingness to take me at my speed, even though it's a snail speed, so to speak. You make it (purchasing your e-book) so worthwhile!
God bless,
“I found you books soooo easy to understand thank god someone like you has simplified their words.”
Hi Amy,
Having enrolled in an online course which was way out of my depth and reading hundreds of books which seemed to make my head swell ha ha, I found you books soooo easy to understand thank god someone like you has simplified their words.

Cant wait to get out and take some cool pics.
Many thanks.
Are these photography enthusiasts any different from you? No they are not. Many of them started with less skill and less knowledge than you. Some of them had only just bought their very first digital camera. Some of my students are now shooting such stunning images that their previously sceptical and critical family members are now completely silent when they get the camera out.

Nothing can beat that intoxicating feeling of absolute, solid confidence in your photography.

I can tell you from first hand experience that if you keep on the path that you are on now... you will forever struggle, and remain frustrated and disappointed.

Because if you don’t start now, your photos will be the same in 10 years as they are now.

I’m saying this because I know how important your photography is to you. I know how much time and money you’ve invested in it already. And, I know the tremendous pain you are in when those photos constantly turn out without the brilliance that you wish you could get.

Unless you know how to control that camera to work with light, and take the shot every single time you press that shutter button... every camera, lens or latest version of Photoshop will be worthless to you.

Can you really learn how to do this, quickly and easily?

The simple answer:  Absolutely! Yes, you can.

The huge amounts of testimonials here that have been sent in, without any prompting from me, are from photo enthusiasts just like you.

Some have gone from not even knowing where the “on” button was or even how to charge the camera (or knew the camera even needed to be charged) to creating photos with laser like sharpness, crystal clear, simply stunning photos.

I've taken the most frustrated, sad, disappointed, stress-out beginner enthusiasts and,  this photography ebook eliminated any confusion they had about "the technical aspects” of digital photography and “lighting control"... and transformed them into skilled, semi professional photographers.

Some have even turned pro.

In short, "Digital Photography Success" is a dramatically extensive learning tool with the single purpose of helping you capture perfect lighting, vibrant colour and master complete control over the camera. You’ll quickly and easily be able to shoot in any light with any camera. And do everything you'll ever need to do to make your photographs look like they just came from a magazine.

So here’s the deal:  Not only will you get this amazing photography ebook, but because I believe in you and want you to have the absolute very best, I want to give you a lot more.

I have fattened up the offer with lots of exciting free bonuses; you will be like a kid in a candy store.  

But first….
How much is this amazing offer?

It's such incredibly good value that I doubt you’ll find the same powerful information for this price anywhere, especially considering the whopping great wad of eBooks in this package, and the fact that this gives you a one-stop-resource.
Here's what you get
With your purchase of the “Digital Photography Success” (valued at $39.97) you also get these sensational free gifts:
1. "Digital Photography Presentation", valued at $19.97
2. "Digital Photography In Abstract", valued at $14.97

This entire package is valued at $74.91
But, again, I don’t want you to pay that much.
When you buy the eBook you only pay $39.97

That's a saving of
Everything in the eBook is exactly what I've used to propel myself from frustrated amateur to a supremely confident professional photographer. I have used this powerful information to turn my photos from unsatisfying and disappointing, to stunning photos, and, being able to sell and exhibit my work, over and over again.
It’s the most awesome photography eBook you're ever going to lay your hands on.
I’ve translated the most complicated, head-spinning photography terms into plain, easy to understand English. This package is designed to do one thing: to make you a Zen master of lighting and photography!
You are instantly gaining the knowledge and wisdom by absorbing the exact steps that have given me the ability to shoot in any lighting condition.  And with complete confidence, knowing I’ll get a stunning shot every time.
The information takes you through the entire system.  Step by step.
The eBook is hundreds pages of high quality information that will turn your photos from poor quality snaps to high quality 3D looking photographs.
It’s completely risk-free.
If, within two months of purchasing, you are not happy for any reason or simply change your mind, simply email us and ask for a full refund. No questions, no problems, you are not “locked in” by anything or anyone. You are free to go whenever you like.
Here’s how it all works:
1. Purchase the Ebook, get the two fantastic bonuses and pay only $39.97 
2. Download instantly and you will have access to much, much more powerful photography information, plus access to me personally.
How is this different to other photography eBooks out there?
1. You can go to Amazon or Borders and find many photography books, but a lot of them are written in a more complicated style, usually by Ghost-writers with University Degrees in English (and the complex, flowery language to match). I’ve read these books and noted they had no real understanding of the problems we face with photography on a daily basis. They are not photographers.
With the "Digital Photography Success", not only do you get everything you will ever need to know, now and in the future, but it’s all in plain English that’s incredibly easy to understand.
2. Plus, how many photography books and magazines do you know of where you can easily email the author directly, and get personalised help from them? Then receive a personal friendly follow-up to see if you are ok and want more information and help? You will get my help anytime you need it.
I promise you that.
“Will the eBook take me through a step-by-step process and really spell everything out for me?”
1. Yes it absolutely will. You understand everything clearly and the chapters flow in the logical process of what you need to know first and how to do it.
2. You will be guided, gently and effortlessly through each chapter from the basic to the most technical stuff.
3. And, don’t forget if you do get stuck for any reason, we can go over it together via email, until you are 100% satisfied and confident that you understand and are ready to move on to the next section.
 “What if I need personal help with my photography?”
1. Like I said, you will receive help any time YOU need it. All you do is email me with a “Hey Amy, how do I do…?” You can even include a photo example if you want.
2. Just tell me the main problem you are having and I’ll teach you how to do it right there and then. You'll then have the answer to the problem that’s been bugging you the most.
Since you’ve stayed with me this far, I can see that you are very serious about your photography and willing to learn.
Think about it: looking at the most brilliant picture you’ve ever seen; clear, sharp definition, fabulously well lit, beautiful colours radiantly glowing, and a magnificence you’ve only seen in nature mags or advertising shots….
But you know that photo was taken by you. That would be something wouldn’t it?
And remember, with these sensational packages and my personal help you will know everything a truly professional photographer knows. By this time next week you’ll know a powerhouse of information and you will be unstoppable.
Of course you can do this!  The proof is all over this site.  Others did it, often with a cheaper camera and no previous experience with photography.
What you are about to discover is the very backbone and foundation of stunning and breathtaking photographs.
Just click on the link below. You are completely going to love the results!



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